ARS 2022-2023

As we plan for fall 2022, we are planning that all of our programs will be back in the building; but as we’ve learned throughout this pandemic, flexibility is key. We will continue to update you as we move forward. No matter what, we are assuming that we are always sanitizing hands, we are a mask-preferred community, keeping 3 feet of distance (more when possible), and keeping our HVAC at a high standard of excellence.

  • ARS is a one-day-a-week religious school program, meeting on Tuesday afternoons from 3:15-5:45 pm
  • First day is September 13, 2022, and last day is May 16, 2023. Full calendar is here.
  • If you would like to register for the 2022-2023 ARS year, please email Amy Deutsch, ARS Director.
  • For more information about our teen programming, click here
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  • Click here to register for ARS Walking, our supervised walk from Pierce, Lawrence, and FRR Schools
  • Our COVID Policies and Procedures can be found here
  • Click here for our policies and procedures; click here for our full parent handbook
  • If you have any questions about ARS, contact Amy Deutsch, ARS Director, or call 617-739-9200
  • If you have any questions about ARS registration, contact Cassie Dezii, Membership & Engagement Coordinator or call 617-739-9200

Our theme for ARS 2022-2023 is B’tzelem Elohim – Created to be Sacred

One of the very first lines of the Torah explains that each human is created b’tzelem elohim, in God’s image. If we are each created in God’s image, we are each equally worthy of respect, kindness, and inclusion. As God’s creations, we are each holy, special, and sacred. We each have value. We each have something to teach, to learn, and to share. We each have endless potential. And because we are all from the same Source, we all share something holy, and it is our sacred task to take care of that holiness in ourselves and others. When we come together as a kehillah kedosha, a holy community, the capacity for change, growth, and friendship is boundless.

A note–talking about God can be intimidating, confusing, and off-putting. The understandings of God that many of us have are influenced by the society in which we live, and sometimes involve that “old man in the sky” theory. That’s not the kind of God that we are talking about at ARS. Judaism offers a multiplicity of ways to understand God, and we want to offer that multiplicity to our students, in the hope that each individual will find their own connection to what is greater than us.

Tuition Information

Tuition for ARS in 2022-2023 is $1550 per student in grades K-7, for TOS members in good standing.

For families new to ARS with children in grades K-3, there is an option of an ARS Trial Year which costs $2250. (There is no membership required for the Trial Year; this rate is only good for one year.)

In grades 5 and 6, families also pay the B’nei Mitzvah Fee, which covers the cost of all of the special family programming, dedicated clergy time, as well as individualized tutoring in preparation for bar and bat mitzvah. The fee in 5th grade is $750 and in 6th grade it is $850.

(For TCEE graduates who are entering ARS Kindergarten, we have a special rate of only $850 for ARS tuition and $700 for synagogue membership!)

We want ARS to work for everyone, so if you have any questions about the cost of tuition for your family, please reach out to Amy Deutsch, ARS Director, for a confidential conversation: adeutsch@ohabei.org.