Prayer at Temple Ohabei Shalom is an interactive experience, designed to help each individual find their own meaning in the sacred words. We use the Reform Movement’s prayerbook, Mishkan T’filah, with its rich mix of Hebrew, English, and song, to add meaning to our prayer experiences. Prayer is individual, but it takes place in community. In Hebrew, the word “to pray” is l’hitpallel – to judge oneself. We take time to check in with our innermost selves – to breathe – to be – and to be together.  Being together adds to our joy in times of happiness, and brings comfort in times of sorrow. There are certain prayers that we are only allowed to say if we are in community; Jewish tradition knows the power of gathering, in good times and in hard times. There is true power in community.

Services are multiaccess – you can engage by joining us at Temple Ohabei Shalom, or via one of our web channels from the comfort of your home. We want everyone to feel welcome, no matter which way they join us. People have logged on to TOS services from as far away as Amsterdam since 2020, and our worldwide reach has brought new meaning to our understanding of community. If you want to be part of Temple Ohabei Shalom, you are part of Temple Ohabei Shalom. Full stop.

This week's Torah portion is Chukat (Numbers 19:1−22:1)