Music at TOS


Music has always been an integral part of our TOS history. We are currently blessed with beautiful voices from Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman and Rabbi Jennifer Queen, David Sparr’s skillful musical direction, Josh Cohen’s vibrant educational leadership, and many gifted congregants and staff who lend their musicianship to our Shabbat Band and Choir. 

If you’re interested in joining our Band or Choir, please contact Music Director, David Sparr.


Music plays a key part in our preschool, The Trust Center for Early Education and our Ansin Religious School. On Fridays, you can walk the halls of the preschool and hear our clergy and Music Educator leading Shabbat as a community through music and song. On Tuesday afternoons, our religious school students in grades K-5 begin their day with a Tefilah (prayer) service that includes youthful and educational music that the students hear at Erev Shabbat Services.

Led by our wonderful Music Educator, Josh Cohen, both our preschool and religious schools have weekly music classes that teach about Jewish holidays, Jewish values and the importance of community and song. From these classes, our students are better prepared during adult services to engage with the music, the clergy and prayer.