Temple Ohabei Shalom Circle of Giving 5781

The Circle of Giving is the primary annual fundraising effort of Temple Ohabei Shalom (TOS). We are so very proud of the extraordinary efforts that have been taken to permit TOS to pursue its sacred mission during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. During this once in a century event, your gift is more important than ever. 

We’d like to share with you some of the ways our community has remained vital and vibrant during this challenging time:

  • Our clergy have worked creatively and tirelessly to offer remote Shabbat services and study sessions on a weekly basis, including B’nei Mitzvah services for the largest B’nei Mitzvah class in the last two decades.  The clergy have also been attending to the needs of the many congregants who have sought personal counseling during these difficult times. From our historic sanctuary, our rabbis led a multi-faceted set of High Holy Day services and programs.
  • Our educators, too, have gone above and beyond, creating curricula, and providing both in person and remote religious schooling to our students of all ages.  They have been working valiantly as we re-opened the Trust Center for Early Education, so essential to the younger families who are an essential lifeline to our membership rolls.  This year ARS is running two parallel tracks in order to provide flexibility for our families.
  • Our Board Members have confronted the devastating financial impact of the pandemic in a responsible manner, making difficult but necessary budget cuts and renegotiating contractual arrangements with our tenants that recognize the realities of COVID-19 but preserve important tenant relationships longer term.
  • Our lay volunteers have stepped up in a variety of ways, organizing educational and social action programs, assisting our clergy and educators, and arranging for two sets of congregation-wide calls to identify and attend to individual needs.
  • Over 100 of you, members of our community, generously contributed to the emergency COVID-19 campaign established last Spring when the shutdown had its most severe impact on the Temple. 

As a result of all these efforts, Temple Ohabei Shalom is in as good a position as it can be and below are some highlights of the current status of the Temple:

  • We have maintained and grown our membership base. 
  • We have re-opened the Trust Center for Early Education on a limited and safe basis.
  • We are hosting the Brookline Early Education Program, our most important tenant, again on a limited and safe basis. 
  • As we look toward the future, post pandemic, the Board has created a task force to begin planning for the safe re-opening of our sacred facility.

In a normal year, the Circle of Giving plays an essential role in supporting programing, operations, and administrative support for the Temple.   Because this is not a normal year, the Circle of Giving plays an even more critical role.  Under the circumstances TOS is still faced with revenue challenges, two important revenue streams; rental income and High Holiday ticketing have been substantially impacted.  We also know that the pandemic is with is for months to come and will continue to have a severe impact to the Temple’s finances. 

We ask those who have given to Circle of Giving (COG) in the past to at least match your past giving levels and if possible, to give more.  We ask all others to join in as COG givers at this very important time in any way that you can.  Our goal for the COG is 100% participation in supporting our sacred home, which for so many of our congregants is truly a second home.

We are so very proud to be part of a Temple that has served the spiritual, educational, and communal needs of its congregants even in the most challenging of times. Now it is up to us to be there for the Temple.  Click here to make a pledge or tax deductible donation.  

Our best to you and your families for a safe and happy holiday season.


Benjamin Berkowitz, President
Mark Gale, President-Elect
Penny Garver, Co-Treasurer
Richard Stern, Co-Treasurer
Spence Gould
Larry Green
Howard Koor
Stephen Popper

We don’t know what the future brings in terms of this pandemic, but we do know that Temple Ohabei Shalom will always be a space that feels like home. Because this community and its present and future are important to you, we ask you to fulfill your membership obligation for FY 21 today. Please see the attached statement for details. We have also included expected school fees for the coming year. You can pay online through our ShulCloud site, or mail a check to the office.  If this is your first time logging in, please use this link.

These dues support our annual synagogue operations, including clergy, administrative office and maintenance staff, and upkeep of our magnificent facility.  Dues do not cover the full costs of running our synagogue and we rely on fundraising efforts and our community partners for rent and additional support. Please use this link to review a summary of what your contributions support. 

Membership at Temple Ohabei Shalom is available to all; please let us know if the dues