Refugee tzedakah project

Written by a grade 6 ARS student, as inspired by Rabbi Daniel Schaefer’s sermon on Friday night, 10/19/2018

Did you know that there are refugee families in Brookline that need our help? There is one that even goes to school here at TOS. I really want to help his family as they don’t have much. With the help of Rabbi Schaefer and Amy, we are having a spare change drive here at ARS starting next week.

This is so easy. Did you know that I found almost $100 dollars just in change lying around my house? Here at ARS We will be collecting spare change and tzedakah money that you may find around your house. We will use all the money that we collect To buy gift cards for target and grocery stores to help them eat this winter. Over the next couple of weeks at the end of t’filah we will collect the change. My goal is to collect $360 total by thanksgiving. from ARS and other places. Thank you for your help.