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L'Shana Tova Happy New Year 


Click here for current COVID-19 protocols

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Wishing you a year of health, blessings, and peace. Click here for links and additional information.  

Wednesday, September 15: Kol Nidre
8:00pm: Service (in-person and virtual)

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Thursday, September 16: Yom Kippur
9:00am: Tot Service (in-person outside and virtual)
10:30am: Morning Service (in-person and virtual)
 Child Care Available

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Virtual Learning Offerings:
2:00pm: Meditation with Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman 
3:00pm: The Evolution of Tikkun Olam with Dr. Dan Deykin 
4:00pm: The Holiness Code with Rabbi Daniel Schaefer 

3:00pm: Afternoon Family Service (in-person outside and virtual)

5:00pm: Yizkor and Neilah Service (in-person and virtual
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Message from our Rabbis and our Health and Safety Committee:

We are thankful that all members of our community aged 16+ are finally eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.  As a Jewish community, we uphold the preservation of life (pikuach nefesh) as our guiding value. Each of us is responsible for one another, and we are so grateful for the blessing of safe and effective vaccines which can help us protect ourselves and one another.  If you can safely receive a COVID-19 vaccine and are eligible to receive it, please do so as soon as possible. May this vaccine, along with continued vigilance with mitigation measures, enable us to begin a new chapter of health, wellness, and connection after this immensely difficult year.  None of us are safe until all of us are safe.  Click here for more information about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

See our current COVID-19 Protocols Here

This Week at TOS:

Wednesday, September 15
TOS Offices Close at 2:00pm

 Kol Nidre Services

Thursday, September 16
Yom Kippur Services
Click above for service details and times

Friday, September 17
This Shabbat's Torah Portion is HaazinuDeuteronomy 32:1–52

6:00pm: Erev Shabbat Services  Virtual only Zoom, Facebook Live, TOS Live! 

Saturday, September 18
10:30am: Shabbat Morning Services with Shir Hadash- virtual only (Zoom)

 Weekly Yahrzeits can be found Here

Weekly Service Zoom Links and other Zoom Offerings:

As per Zoom's security recommendations, we do not post Zoom links on our public website. They are all sent through email - so be sure you open your emails to get the ZOOM links you'll need! Members who log in to their ShulCloud accounts can find links on this secure web page.

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Are you a small business owner or do you work at a small business? TOS would love to know! We want to help support our TOS community members during these unprecedented times. Help “Prop your Shop” by sending your business info HERE and we will add it to our list. Be sure to include name of business, address, phone number, website (if applicable) and what the business specializes in.

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Thu, September 16 2021 10 Tishrei 5782