Shabbat Morning Torah Study


March 4, 2023    
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

We will gather to reflect on and honor the moment we find ourselves in today – culturally, politically, and spiritually – in the struggle toward access to Reproductive Justice in this country. With the understanding that seeking reproductive health care is a sensitive and deeply personal undertaking, we want to gather as a Jewish community, and as people of all genders and experiences, to talk honestly about abortion, and to be heard, held, and supported at Temple Ohabei Shalom.

On Saturday morning, March 4th, Rabbi Queen’s Torah study will delve into the biblical and rabbinic texts which lay the foundation for Judaism’s supportive and nuanced approach to abortion. 

This event will be on ZOOM ONLY. Check your email for the link or call the TOS office at 617.277.6610.