David Sparr

The words to Dayeinu (It Would Have Been Sufficient) date back at least to the 9th Century, and may well go back as much as 500 years before that. In a traditional Haggadah, there are fifteen stanzas divided into three groups of five: Leaving SlaveryMiracles, and Being With God. The popular melody to Dayeinu is of unknown origin, although it is safe to say the melody is not nearly as old as the lyrics.

In this recording, I have taken an arrangement that I originally wrote in 2012 for Cantor Gastón Bogomolni’s CD: Pesach With an Accent (available online). Here our own Joshua Cohen and I recreate that arrangement for your Passover enjoyment. Josh sings the three most commonly sung stanzas: the 1st (brought us out of Egypt), the 11th (given us Shabbat), and the 13th (given us the Torah).

Chag Sameach! (And thank you Josh for the great vocal performance!)

David Sparr