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We Can Meet Our Goal! TOS Donations as of July 10th

In these difficult times, Ohabei Shalom remains committed to finding ways we can worship together, strengthen our connections, and support one another. We ask, if you are able and have not already done so, to donate now to COVID-19 emergency appeal. We are aiming to raise a total of $750,000, which means we need your help.

If you are able to contribute to keep TOS running during this crisis, and you haven’t yet responded to our Emergency Appeal, please give whatever you can now by clicking this link (in the donation "type" drop down menu please choose COVID-19 Emergency Fund). Your support and generosity are critical to Temple Ohabei Shalom, particularly now. Despite our physical distance, we are working to maintain the intimacy and sense of community which form the bedrock of TOS.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed so far!

With thanks to the following donors, whose generosity increases our capacity to engage, inspire, and achieve our mission of being a beacon for inclusive Jewish worship, education and social justice in Brookline and beyond.

Our Lamed Vavnik Program

Lamed Vavnik Program Donors ($36,000 over three years)

Jewish lore holds that at any time in history there are 36 righteous people who are quietly responsible for saving the world. These are the Tzadikim Nistarim (hidden righteous ones), also known as the Lamed Vavniks as Lamed stands for the number 30 and Vav stands for the number 6. We are looking for 36 family units who will

Mindy Berman & Andy Sumberg
The Calmas Family

pledge $36,000 or more over a period of one, two or three years, with two-thirds of the funds being deposited into the TOS Hineini and Sanctuary Funds, dedicated endowment funds that need to be replenished, and with one-third of the funds being used for ongoing TOS operations.

Matching funds for Lamed Vavnik donations courtesy of Marc Casper and Anonymous Donors

Georgia Churilla & Stephen Popper
Nina & David Fialkow
Denise & Larry Green
Lynn & William Kargman

Covid-19 Fund

Ms. Shelby Allen
Dr. Gerald & Mrs.
     Rosalind Angoff

Mr. Gerard Badler

Dr. Andrew Beck &
     Dr. Thea Brennan-Krohn

Mr. Jack Bardy &
     Mrs. Caroline Baumal Bardy
Mr. Peter Barrer

Mr. Ted &
     Mrs. Cynthia Berenson
Mr. Benjamin Berkowitz,
     Ms. Jessica Foster &
     Eliana Berkowitz
Mr. Donald & Mrs.  
     Dorothy Berman
Ms. Amy B. Bernstein
Dr. Jeffrey &
     Ms. Lori Berry
Mr. Michael Brill & 
     Ms. Lisa Irvings

Mr. Richard &
     Mrs. Ellen Calmas
Dr. Hubert & Mrs.
     Raynor Doris Caplan
Ms. Irene Carmen

Ms. Denise Casper
Mr. Marc Casper
Mr. Jesse Cochin &
     Dr. Alice Newton
Ms. Kathleen &

     Mr.  Allan Cohen
Ms. Emma Cohen
Mr. Beryl W. &
Mrs. Barbara Cohen
Mr. Jonathan &

     Ms. Mandy Cohen
Dr. Robert Cohen &
     Dr. Amy Ship
Mr. Andre & 
      Mrs. Marilyn Danesh

Ms. Debra David
Ms. Elinor Davidson

Dr. Daniel Deykin
Dr. John Dixon &  
     Ms. Rachel Sater
Ms. Sarah Esterquest
Mr. Paul &
     Mrs. Lauren Feldman
Mr. Marc H. &
     Mrs. Gail Fenton
Mr. David P. Fialkow &
     Ms. Nina H. Sing
Ms. Sophie Forrester
Mr. Peter Frumkin &
     Ms. Sharon
Mr. Mark Gale &  
     Ms. Wendy Zazik
Ms. Penny Garver
Mr. Laurence &
     Mrs. Muriel Gillick

Ms. Hillary Golden
Dr. Lance Goodman &
     Mr. Richard Stern

Mr. Spencer Gould
Ms. Judith Grace

The Grayson Family
       Mr. Howard Grossman

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg &
     Dr. Rachel Freedman
Mr. Ben &

     Mrs. Rachel Greene
Mr. Jeremy &
     Ms. Jill Grossman
Judith Halper
Mr. Mark Hammer &

     Mrs. Shweta Gooptu
Mr. Joel Herzfeld &

     Ms. Connor Novy
Dr. Leigh &

     Ms. Daisy Hochberg
Mr. Bill Hollman
Mr. Julian T. &

     Ms Susan Houston
Mr. Edward &
     Mrs. Elizabeth Jacobs

Ms. Martha Jaffe
Mr. Edward D. &    
     Mrs. Marjorie S. Kahn
Ms. Hollis Kahn
Mr. David G. Kanter

Ms. Jeanne
     Karagosian Silver
Ms. Denise Karlin &

     Mr. Bill Jarosz
Mr. Gerald &

     Mrs. Barbara Katz
Dr. Jeffrey N. Katz &
     Ms. Susan Zeiger
Ms. Rena Keller

Mr. Ross Knights &    
     Mrs. Alexandra Dorf
Mr. David &

     Mrs. Stephanie Kohn
Mr. Howard Koor &

     Ms. Ellen Mosner
Ms. Susan &

     Mr. Bill Elsbree
Ms. Jamie Krauss
Mr. David Krigman

Ms. Maya R. Krigsgaber
Ms. Joyce Lazarus

Ms. Dorothy Lebach
Mr. Alan Christ &

     Dr. Robin LeWinter
Mr. Mark Lipof
Mr. Roger &

     Mrs. Alberta Lipson
Ms. Hilda Lopez-Soto
Mr. Scott Lush
Ms. Judith Mabel
Mr. Akshay &

     Mrs. Laura Mahajan
Sacha Mankins
Mr. Drew Ames &

     Ms. Amy Margalit
Mr. Drew Ames &  
     Ms. Amy Margalit
Ms. Tali Mazor
Ms. Susanna Mitro
Mr. Henry Morris
Mr. Thomas Marton &
     Ms. Danit Ben-Ari

Mr. Michael Mittelman & 
     Ms. Fawn Phelps
Mr. Andrew O'Connell &
     Dr. Sharon A. Levine

Ms. Tracy Moshe
Mr. & Mrs. David &        
     Eleanor Paradise
Mr. Joshua Paradise &

     Ms. Masha Kogan
Ms. Lois Platt
Mr. Martin Plovnick
Mr. David &

     Mrs. Rita Polatin
Dr. Jeffrey Prebluda &
     Ms. Marjory Aronson
Mr. Elliott &
     Ms. Linda Puretz
Ms. Jane Rabb
Mr. Carlos &

     Mrs. Alisa Ridruejo
Dr. Eric &

     Mrs. Allison Rimm
Mr. Matthew Rubins &

     Ms. Meredith Rosenberg
Dr. Kenneth &

     Mrs. Honey Sacks
Ms. Zita Samuels
Mr. William Sater
Mr. Jonathan Schoenfeld

     & Mrs. Kelly Levin
Ms. R. K. (Shelley)  
Mr. Ruth Seidman
Mr. David Seldin &

     Ms. Cathryn Stein
Mr. Joe Siegel &
     Ms. Joanna Baker
Mr. Nathan Shpritz &

     Ms. Nancy Kasen
Dr. Jason Soderblom &
     Dr. Denise Duclos
Mr. Stephen & 

     Ms. Sherri Sigel
Ms. Michelle Simon

Mr. Toby & Ms. Elisa Simon
Mr. Matthew Simonson

Mr. David Sparr &
     Ms. Jamie Leader
Mr. Todd &

     Ms. Tammy Spencer
Ms. Ann Steinberg
Mr. Donald Steinbrecher

     & Dr. Shellee Robbins
Ms. Charlotte Swartz

Ms. Eileen Schwartz
Mr. Martin Shore &
     Dr. Shari Lisann

Mr. Gerard Taylor &
     Ms. Heather Zion
Ms. Judith Tick

TOS Sisterhood
Mr. Shawn LaCount &

     Ms. Jessica Ullian
Ms. Francine Vidlocker
Mrs. Joan Wasserman

Mr. Theodor Weinberg
Ms. Jessica Weiss
Mr. Kenneth &

     Ms. Ellen Weinstein
Mr. Michael Weintraub &
     Ms. Diane Rosen
Mr. Burton Winnick
Mr. Brian Crompton &

     Mrs. Lisa Wyman
Ms. Angela Yudzinsky

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