In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.— Albert Schweitzer

Thank you!

Our community benefits enormously from the efforts of volunteers! Every day, members of the congregation step forward to help. In big ways and in small ways they give their time, ideas and efforts. This page of Volunteer Appreciation is dedicated to their contributions and our thanks.

Join our team!

175th Anniversary Grand Shabbat (May 2017)

Len Davidson, Event Chair

Dinner Planning Committee:

Yana Gershberg
Julia Lev-Rosenfeld
Suvi Stenback


Jim Calmas
Rachel Calmas
Ashley Davidson
Denise Duclos
Saul Feldman
Spence Gould
Denise Green
Richard Halpern
Dorothy Lebach
Mark Lipof
Joel Match
Shellee Robbins
Diane Rosen
Michael Weintraub

Marathon Monday Lemonade Stand (for Walk for Hunger) – April 2017

Calmas Family (Jim, Rachel and children)
Churwin Family (Mike, Shari, and children)
Denise Duclos
Feldman Family (Lauren and children)
Yana Gershberg
Stenback/Lochhead Family (Suvi and children)

Debbie Kurtzman and Parparim students

Community Seder – April 2017

Miriam Fein
Jessica Foster (and Eliana)
Joanna Gilman
Adam Kibel
Grant Kibel
Robin LeWinter
Stephen Popper
Honey Sacks
Ken Sacks
Laurel Sgan

Board of Trustees:

Larry Green, President
Lauren Feldman, Vice-President
Shellee Robbins, Vice-President
Rich Snyder, Vice-President
Jason Soderblom, Treasurer
Georgia Churilla, Assistant Treasurer
Louis Goldman, Recording Secretary

Rachel Calmas
Hu Caplan
Saul Feldman
Jeremy Grossman
Spence Gould
Denise Karlin
Jeffrey Katz
Roger Lipson
Joshua Paradise
Donna Rubenoff
Barry Schneider
David Seldin
Chip Shore

Past Presidents:

Jesse Cochin
Len Davidson
Dan Deykin
Ellen Harder
Bill Harris
Sue Helfgot
David Leifer
Steven Lewenberg
Sonia Ravech
Michael Weintraub

Shabbat Musicians:

Lisa Geller
Karen Lasser
Andrew O’Connell
Jay Rauch
Steve Rauch
Tom Rubenoff
Tammy Spencer
Todd Spencer

Sisterhood & Brotherhood Leadership:

Denise Karlin
Spence Gould
Alan Shepro

Sisterhood & Brotherhood Volunteers:

David Alpert
Jonathan Atkins
Ed Belz
Dottie Berman
Hu Caplan
Elaine Cohen
Doris Feldman
Saul Feldman
Louis Goldman
Spence Gould
Craig Greenwald
Judy Halper
Ed Kahn
Margie Kahn
Howard Koor
Karen Landman
Alberta Lipson
Ellen Mosner
Rich Oshry
Diane Rosen
Zita Samuels
Alan Shepro
Harvey Solomon

Daily Worship Service Leaders:

Iourii Belenkii
Louis Goldman
Spence Gould
Denise Green
Larry Green
Judith Halper
Bill Jarosz
Margie Kahn
Denise Karlin
Diane Rosen
Michael Weintraub

Listed above are the volunteers who have given their time and efforts in the past few weeks, as well as those whose ongoing commitment deserves ongoing recognition. This page will be updated regularly. If we have accidentally left you out, please contact Naomi Gurt Lind in the Temple Office so that we can make it right.