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Juneteenth Events and Resources 

06/16/2021 10:24:25 AM


Events and Resources for Education and Celebration (Resources compiled by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association)  

Second Annual Juneteenth Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday, June 18, 2021, 5pm ET

Celebrate the holiday of Juneteenth, cohosted by Reconstructing Judaism and  Be'chol Lashon, featuring Rabbi Sandra Lawson and more.  Cosponsored by 18 Doors, JCC Manhatten, One Table, PJ...Read more...

Temple Ohabei Shalom Phased Reopening Continues

05/17/2021 11:04:45 AM


Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman, Rabbi Daniel Schaefer, Shari Churwin

We’re writing today with an update on our TOS operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. As so much is changing, here at TOS we are also beginning to plan for more in-person events. As a Jewish organization, we continue to be guided by our sacred values of Pikuah Nefesh "Safeguarding Life" and Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Bazeh  "We Are All Responsible for One Another." ...Read more...

Omer Story Share: Susan Zeiger

05/14/2021 09:44:57 AM


I’ve loved reading the words of fellow TOS congregants over the last six weeks. And it’s gotten me thinking about the searching—the wandering—that so many of us do to find a place to call our Jewish “home.”

For me, an authentic Jewish home is a community of searchers where I can bring my full Jewish self—that is, a place where my faith and doubts, my hope and my questions (so many questions!)...Read more...

05/14/2021 09:43:54 AM


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Omer Story Share: Michelle Simon

05/06/2021 02:33:29 PM



I happened upon the Trust Center, and by extension Temple Ohabei Shalom, shortly after my second son was born. My  two and a half year old son was doing all the things that kids do when a new baby comes home and I knew he needed a higher quality preschool program. From my limited research, I came upon the Trust Center. It was one of the few preschools I could find with early drop off (I’m a teacher) and...Read more...

Omer Story Share: Spence Gould

04/30/2021 10:12:21 AM


I grew up in Clinton, a small Central MA town with only one synagogue, founded in 1927 by my grandfather, his older brother, and their peers.  We never had more than 20 Jewish families, and Rabbis never seemed to stay long. Papa Louis was either leading services from the Bimah, or sitting in the right front row, right-most seat. His three sons and their families sat in the next three rows, from oldest to youngest son, EVERY...Read more...

Omer Story Share: Mike Mittelman

04/23/2021 01:02:28 PM


Fawn and Mike met at Wesleyan over 25 years ago this September and will have been married 22 years this June. Together, they have raised Celeste, who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at TOS last year and Max, who after discovering a love textual analysis in “You, the Jury” has became a regular at Torah study. 

Max is named after Mike’s grandfather, who was tragically killed during the Holocaust after jumping from the...Read more...

Omer Story Share: My Connection to Israel: David Seldin

04/16/2021 10:41:11 AM


Although I have always strongly identified as a Jew I did not grow up with strong ties to, or feelings about, Israel.  And this lasted well into my adulthood.  When my daughter came home from her confirmation class’s trip to the URJ’s Religious Action Center in Washington DC and told her parents she wanted to spend a year in Israel, my interest rapidly grew.  

Coincidentally Ohabei Shalom...

Omer Story Share: My Jewish Journey: Lynda Hoffman

04/08/2021 04:36:50 PM


Lynda Hoffman

I have been a member of Temple Ohabei Shalom since 1976 when my son needed a Hebrew School with reasonable accommodations for his writing disability. I have a few disabilities: Amniotic band...Read more...

The Ancient Jews Carried Trauma And Joy Into Their New Lives. We Can, Too

04/05/2021 11:00:20 AM


Jessica Ullian

Please read the article here: 

Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782