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My Connection to Israel: David Seldin

04/16/2021 10:41:11 AM


Although I have always strongly identified as a Jew I did not grow up with strong ties to, or feelings about, Israel.  And this lasted well into my adulthood.  When my daughter came home from her confirmation class’s trip to the URJ’s Religious Action Center in Washington DC and told her parents she wanted to spend a year in Israel, my interest rapidly grew.  

Coincidentally Ohabei Shalom...

My Jewish Journey: Lynda Hoffman

04/08/2021 04:36:50 PM


Lynda Hoffman

I have been a member of Temple Ohabei Shalom since 1976 when my son needed a Hebrew School with reasonable accommodations for his writing disability. I have a few disabilities: Amniotic band...Read more...

The Ancient Jews Carried Trauma And Joy Into Their New Lives. We Can, Too

04/05/2021 11:00:20 AM


Jessica Ullian

Please read the article here: 


Caring for our Spirits: Marking One Year of Pandemic, Honoring our Strength and our Sadness

02/25/2021 04:41:08 PM


Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman

Dear TOS Community,

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since life as we knew it was turned upside down. Today is Purim, and one of the themes of the story we creatively retold at our observance last night was “na’hafoch hu” - things were turned upside down; instead of the evil decree being carried out, the one who sought to destroy our people was himself destroyed. During this Hebrew month of Adar, we are...Read more...

Hope, Healing, and the Task Before Us: A Shabbat Message from Rabbi Berkman

01/21/2021 01:19:15 PM


Dear Friends,

Our tradition calls us in so many ways to acknowledge that joy and sorrow, fear and hope, security and vulnerability, are interwoven throughout our lives as individuals and as communities. Think of how we break a glass at the conclusion of a wedding, or the tradition of sprinkling sweet challah with salt on Shabbat. Judaism is honest about life containing both “the beauty and the terror” (to cite...Read more...

Temple Ohabei Shalom Circle of Giving 5781

11/22/2020 10:08:55 AM


Dear [salutation_first_names],  

The Circle of Giving is the primary annual fundraising effort of Temple Ohabei Shalom (TOS). We...Read more...

Temple Ohabei Shalom Circle of Giving 5781

11/19/2020 08:32:25 PM


Dear [salutation_first_names],  
The Circle of Giving is the primary annual fundraising effort of Temple Ohabei Shalom (TOS). We are so very proud of the extraordinary efforts that have been taken to permit...Read more...

In Memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

11/13/2020 11:38:24 AM


Last Shabbat, the Jewish world lost one of the greatest thinkers and rabbis of modern times: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Rabbi Sacks was a source of great inspiration and wisdom to me, along with many thousands of others throughout the world. His teachings have had a profound impact on my understanding of Jewish philosophy, theology, and history. He was Chief Rabbi of Great Britain from 1991 to 2013, and won the esteemed Templeton Prize in...Read more...

An Update on TOS's Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic

11/10/2020 11:23:26 AM


Many weeks ago we began to share our plans for the potential reopening of our building. With the support of our TOS Board of Trustees and our COVID-19 Reopening Committee, now renamed the Health and Safety Committee, we are taking a thoughtful, deliberate, and multi-tiered scientifically based approach to resuming in-person gatherings, including those in our offices, schools, event spaces, Chapel, and Sanctuary. We have spent many hours in...Read more...

Get out the vote! 

11/03/2020 12:35:08 PM


Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman

Dear TOS Community,

On this “Erev Election Day,” I want you to know that my heart and spirit are with all of you, our beloved community, during this most difficult, anxious, and hopeful of times. Many of you have worked tirelessly for so many months to ensure that our election is one in which everyone votes, and every vote counts. Thank you, and may your efforts lead to a free and fair...Read more...

Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyar 5781