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Community Refrigerator

10/27/2022 10:22:01 AM


Bill Jarosz

There’s this refrigerator out on the street

            between the coffee shop

            and the ice cream shop.

The idea is for people to put what they can into the refrigerator

            and for people to take what they...

Tochacha, Protest, and Building Moments of Faith

05/27/2022 05:34:06 PM


This Shabbat we complete the third book of Torah, the book of Leviticus, with parashat Bechukotai. After being told the rewards that they will receive if they follow God’s laws and faithfully observe God’s commandments, God tells the Israelites: 

But if you do not obey Me and do not observe all these commandments, if you reject My laws and spurn My rules, so that you do not observe all My commandments and...Read more...

Choose Life: A Poem for Uvalde

05/24/2022 11:31:10 PM


Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman


The sky was bright blue as it often is somehow when somewhere someway death interrupts:

The shock of someplace something awful but not here but yes, here:

I feel it pulsing just under my skin if I close my eyes because anyway the sky is too bright the sun is too hot for spring and

I feel strangely light and empty like the blood is draining from me too but from where will my strength come...Read more...

Everything I Learned about Being a Rabbi I Learned from the Boston Celtics

05/24/2022 09:55:49 AM


Rabbi Daniel Schaefer

Shabbat Shalom. A special welcome to our guests from Milwaukee. I apologize in advance for my topic this evening.

As I approach the end of my tenure at Ohabei Shalom, I have been reflecting on my four years with this wonderful community. It has been a great privilege to serve this Temple and be your rabbi. It helps me to think in metaphors and analogies, and so tonight I want to tell you how “Everything I Learned about Being a Rabbi...Read more...

Shabbat evening speakers - February 4 and February 11, 2022

02/18/2022 01:07:29 PM


TOS was fortunate to recently have 2 speaking events following Friday night Shabbat services. On February 4th, the TOS Brotherhood's Ben Adler Health Initiative featured Dr. Sharon Levine.

Sharon A. Levine, M.D. is the Section Head for Geriatrics in the Division of Palliative Care and General Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.  A nationally known expert in geriatrics education, teaching and clinical care, Dr....Read more...

Healing and Hope: A Message from Rabbi Berkman

01/19/2022 12:30:49 PM


Dear Temple Ohabei Shalom community,


I write to you with relief and immense gratitude that Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker and members of Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas were reunited with their loved ones last night after being held hostage at the synagogue by a terrorist who entered while they were livestreaming their Shabbat morning service. The Jewish community across the world held our collective breath...Read more...

Taking Action to Support the Most Vulnerable in the New Year with IsraAID

09/02/2021 09:48:18 AM


Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, at least 684,000 people are in urgent need of assistance. IsraAID’s emergency response team is currently on the ground, distributing vital relief items and providing psychological first aid. 


Like Haiti, vulnerable communities around the world are severely impacted by ongoing and new emergencies. Many of IsraAID’s  beneficiaries have faced double or even...Read more...

Links to Help the People of Afghanistan and Haiti

08/27/2021 01:04:12 PM



Links to Help the People of Afghanistan and Haiti


American Jewish World Service (AJWS) has an online campaign to send contributions to help the people of Haiti.


 The Ayiti Community Trust is a Haitian-led relief organization.


HIAS has multiple actions that...

From Camp to Conferences: New Jewish Music From My Soul For Yours

08/23/2021 01:57:31 PM


Joshua C. Cohen

I am beyond excited and honored to be entering my fifth High Holy Days as the Music Educator here at Temple Ohabei Shalom. Jewish music has been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. From attending Friday Night Services with my mother to countless Jewish conferences and going off to Jewish Summer...Read more...

Congregation - A Poem by Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman

06/17/2021 04:39:19 PM


Written June 10, 2021, for Temple Ohabei Shalom on the occasion of returning to our building on Beacon Street after 15 months.

When we outgrew cloud and fire
we built a place with our hands and all
that we could bring -- 
strong enough to hold You, and us, and
what we were to each other
but soft enough to come apart
and together
wherever we encamped.

And later, the place for...

Thu, December 8 2022 14 Kislev 5783