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Kehillah Kedoshah: ARS is a Holy Community

by Amy Deutsch

#TOSsnapshots In this series of short blog posts from TOS staff and lay leaders, you’ll learn what each of us is most proud of about TOS. Each of these aspects is a snapshot that represents part of the diverse collage that makes Ohabei Shalom so special. Enjoy! And let us know what you think. This […]

The 2016 ARS Song!

by Amy Deutsch

Every year at Teacher Appreciation Shabbat B’yachad, the students sing a song that they’ve created all about their time at ARS. They’ll be singing it this Friday night! If you want to practice with your kids in advance, here’s everything you need. (And if you haven’t signed up yet, please click here to do it!) […]

Shabbat in Israel

by Cantor Randall Schloss

Guest Blogger for today: Len Davidson! I don’t know what it is about Israel, blogging and birthdays, but Len wrote this one on his birthday as well. He writes beautifully about Shabbat, but refrained from telling you about how we all celebrated his birthday by making custom chocolates at Kibbutz Deganya in the Galilee. We […]

On the Run with Cantor Schloss (video)

by Cantor Randall Schloss
NYC Marathon 2011 Cantors Who Care

Dear Friends, As many of you know, this past year has been a difficult one for me and my family. Last spring, a short time after last year’s Temple Ohabei Shalom Music and Worship Benefit Concert, The Immigrant Song, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. With thanks to so many of you for your support, […]

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