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The Boston – Haifa Connection

by Tom Rubenoff

While in Haifa our Follow Me To Israel group met with the Israeli CJP representatives who do incredible work in that lovely city.  For example, in 2011 they started a project to help at-risk youth and families, working hand in hand with the Haifa Departments of Health, Welfare and Education to help every child reach […]

Picturing Jerusalem

by Tom Rubenoff

While most of our time on our Follow Me To Israel mission was spent learning about programs for teens in Israel, or driving to a place to learn about said programs, we also visited several places that are important to our Jewish heritage.  We visited the Old City of Jerusalem three times (including our visit […]

From Jerusalem to Tzvat to Tel Aviv to Boston

by Tom Rubenoff

Thanks to everyone for all of your good wishes while we were in Israel.   We are all back in Boston – I won’t say ‘home’ because, well, the meaning of the word has changed a bit for me, if you know what I mean. Donna and I bid our Follow Me to Israel group, including […]

From Haifa to Tiberius to Jerusalem

by Tom Rubenoff

At Haifa, the CJP people there matched the Boston ‘Follow Me To Israel’ delegation with host families for dinner. Donna, Alice and I were the only Reform couple so we were matched with another Reform couple in Haifa:  Eitan and Zohar Kiesler.  To our great good fortune Eitan is a chef, so we were treated to […]

Reporting from Haifa

by Tom Rubenoff

We arrived in Haifa this afternoon and met with three young officers from the Israeli Defense Force. The experience of men and women is so different here than in the US. As most of us are aware, every young person is expected to serve in the military at age 18, but in fact only about […]

Adieu, Jerusalem for Now

by Tom Rubenoff

Aside from Shabbat, when the hotel business center is locked up tight, our few days here have been packed with learning and adventure.  I am almost tearing up now as I mention we will be leaving for Haifa in a few scant hours having not even scratched the surface of the history, diversity, politics and […]

Action-Packed First Day in Israel

by Tom Rubenoff

On our first day, bearing up with just a bit of jet lag, met with two youth groups – the first from United Synagogue Youth and later in the day we met with Adam Jenschel (guessing at the spelling) a program director here for Young Judea.  Before, between and after we had many adventures narrated by […]

‘Twas the Night Before …

by Tom Rubenoff

Our bags are packed, all arrangements made (we hope) and scant hours remain until we embark upon our journey to Israel.  We have synchronized ourselves to the idea of plans that change on a moment’s notice, just as moment to moment things can change in Israel – what better motive to tune in on the […]

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