“In Ohabei Shalom’s Judaism workshop, I fell in love!Jessica_Plain
Judaism is the framework by which I would like to live life consciously
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Jessica. Joined in 2009




“Ohabei Shalom is a wonderful part of our lives…where we continue to develop and build  our Jewish identity”
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The Gilmans. Joined in 2009




Kahn's_Plain“Ohabei Shalom gives our family and us a satisfying Jewish Life
in a modern American setting”
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Margie and Ed. Joined in 1995




Corinne and Eric_Plain

“We found Ohabei Shalom while looking for a rabbi to lead our wedding and for a spiritual home. TOS welcomed us with open arms…it feels like family now”
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Corinne and Eric. Joined in 2012


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