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Sisterhood Honey Sale

Each year TOS Sisterhood facilitates the sales of honey for you to send to family and friends at the Jewish New Year. It is a great way to support your temple’s Sisterhood and to have something sweet for the New Year. Family and friends love receiving this sweet surprise each year and it is a wonderful way to stay in touch. Honey ordering is now available for this year and is offered exclusively online. You can order by following the detailed instructions below. The TOS Sisterhood sincerely appreciates any orders that you place. The honey sales are the primary source of funding for TOS Sisterhood, with the exception of Sisterhood dues, for the year and allow Sisterhood to continue its work in support of the Temple and its members. Any questions can be directed to TOS Sisterhood President Denise Karlin at

Here Is How to Order :

  • Go to the ORT Honey from the Heart website store at
  • Their preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox for Windows based systems
  • That should bring you directly to the Sisterhood’s Honey Store. 
  • Click on Order on the far right hand side of the dashboard
  • If it asks for the three letter code, it is TOS
  • If you did not buy honey last year, click on “I am a first time buyer”.
  • It will prompt you to set up a secure account with a user ID and your own password.
  • If you did order honey from this website last year, click on “I ordered in a previous year.”

Then just follow the instructions. It will ask you to enter certain information. If you do not have last year’s order number, it will ask for further information. Once you enter that information, it will bring you to last year’s order, which you can edit and add or delete recipients. 

  • Once you have ordered and checked out, the honey will be sent directly to your recipients right around the time of the Rosh Hashanah.
  • Once you have ordered you can ask to hold it, rather than checkout, so you can go back to your order if you wish to add new people. Just click on “I already ordered this year – manage my order” and you can update your order.

This is a fully secure website and ORT has been facilitating this program successfully for many years. Members of our Temple used it to support the Sisterhood in previous years with great success. Please note that the price is $13.00 per jar. There will be a $6.50 per jar charge that is imposed by ORT. 

Sisterhood Membership

Click here to download the Sisterhood Membership Form.



  Click here to download the Sisterhood Membership Form.

Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782