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Temple Ohabei Shalom Current COVID-19 Protocols

As we have since the early days of the pandemic, our congregation’s leadership remains focused on our safety and continues to follow the guidance provided by our medical advisors and local and national government agencies. Their guidance, coupled with promising vaccination rates and other local data about COVID-19 activity, has allowed us to safely make the following general and specific changes, implemented on June 13, 2021.  Our Health and Safety Committee meets regularly and anticipate updating these policies at the end of the summer.   

Please click here for our current schedule of services, activities and events.  We are planning for a variety of in-person, hybrid and virtual programming and experiences and are committee to providing virtual options whenever possible so that our programming is accessible to all.  If you have any concern about in-person attendance or visits, please consult your physician for guidance before attending indoor events, or before deciding to stop wearing a mask or social distancing. 


  • TOS schools, programs, worship etc is open to anyone, regardless of vaccination status.   
  • All congregants and visitors attending Temple Ohabei Shalom events who are eligible to be vaccinated, including those making informal visits to our facilities, are expected to be vaccinated.  

  • While we highly encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated, we realize that not everyone will be able to do so. If you are not vaccinated, for your personal and others’ safety, please consider attending meetings, events or worship services remotely. 

  • Children under 12 and those not fully vaccinated should continue wearing masks and observe social distancing at all TOS services, programs and events.


  • In alignment with the above vaccination policy, masks will no longer be required at outdoor events for fully vaccinated individuals.  While no longer required, we certainly understand that some will choose to wear a mask and respect your decision to do so. 

  • Masks are required indoors for group activities (aprox. 15 or more vaccinated people in one room or space).     

  • Unvaccinated people must wear a mask at all times when indoors.  

  • Our clergy and others, by personal preference, may be unmasked while leading services from the Bimah 


  • Distancing is not required but suggested/recommended for vaccinated people  

Services and Events 

  • We will collect RSVPs/take attendance at all events for contact tracking purposes but no longer ask for health attestation forms or conduct health screenings prior to entry.  

  • There is no capacity limit for outdoor events   

  • For TOS events and activities Sanctuary capacity is 400 people (aprox 25%); Chapel capacity is 150 people.   Certain events or meetings may have capacity or advance registration requirements as in the past. These restrictions will be communicated separately as part of specific instructions for the event or meeting.   

  • Singing is permitted  

  • We realize that virtual attendance has become popular and we plan to continue virtual options whenever possible. Such options will be communicated separately as part of specific instructions related to the event.  

  • No food will be served indoors.   Food may be served outdoors (servers with masks, gloves).  Individual pre-portioned items are preferred.   

  • Cleaning and HVAC protocols will remain unchanged  

Wed, June 16 2021 6 Tammuz 5781