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Prayer Recordings


Below are the prayer recordings for our students to practice as they prepare for b’nei mitzvah. The Torah service begins on p. 244 in the Shabbat prayerbook. A digital version can be found here. If you have questions or trouble with this, email and we will help you out. Mazel tov!

Shabbat Morning Torah Service Prayers

1. Ein Kamocha


2. Ki Mitziyon


3. Sh'ma


4. Gadlu


5. Blessing BEFORE reading Torah (text, transliteration, and recording are also here.)


6. Blessing AFTER reading Torah (text, transliteration, and recording are also here.)


7. Blessing Before reading Haftarah


8. Blessing After reading Haftarah


9. V'Zot Habracha (said while Torah is unrolled and held up for all to see - during Hagbah)



10. Returning the Torah to the Ark 




Other Important Prayers




Adonai Sifatai Tiftach

Avot V'Imahot Prayer


G'vurot Prayer


K'dusha Prayer (for Friday night)

K'dusha Prayer (for Saturday morning)


L'cha Dodi (prayer said on Friday night at Kabbalat Shabbat Services)

Friday Night Kiddush (prayer over the wine)


Aleinu Prayer


Mourner's Kaddish 


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