Taught by Rabbi Sonia

Wednesdays, October 25, November 1 and November 8
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Leibovitch Conference Room

Feel free to bring dinner!

Rabbi Sonia will guide us as we peek into the Talmud through the fascinating stories told by our rabbis of old. We’ll discuss the personal and contemporary relevance of these stories as well as their literary and historical meaning.

Oct 25: “It’s not in heaven:” the power to interpret, the power to shame. 

You might be surprised by the relevance of this story which we know as the Oven of Akhnai. It’s about so much more than the power of the rabbis to interpret Torah; it’s about how we treat others.

Nov 1:  “The prisoner cannot free himself from prison.”

The rabbis of old offer many different ways of understanding why good people suffer; the story of Rabbi Jochanan’s response to his illness is one of them. It highlights the power that others have to heal us when we are hurting.

Nov 8:  Husbands and wives: “if only I could, I would give you a Jerusalem of gold,” says the well-known sage, Rabbi Akiva to his wife.

Is this a love story? An example of the saying – “behind every great man stands a great woman?” A feminist tale? It’s fascinating and complicated!

No need to register, just come. Do not miss this chance to learn and discuss!