This year Brookline hosts its 2nd Annual Porchfest, and, for the first time, TOS is participating. Too Klez for Comfort will be playing on the TOS steps from 4-6 pm.

What is Porchfest?

Porchfest features local bands performing classical, jazz, bossa nova, HONK, rock, blues, R&B, typewriters, old-time & country all throughout the town of Brookline. There are Porchfest events across the country!

On June 10th (in Brookline) more than 80 bands are participating.

The festival begins at noon, and Too Klez for Comfort will be here at TOS beginning at 4:00 pm. Use this flyer to plan your day. Porch locations are listed on the map and color-coded by time. On the back side, porches & bands are listed by time and you can match the color-code from the map. You can also find links to an interactive Google Map on the event website & Facebook page.
We hope to see you here at TOS and around Brookline!

Rain date is June 17th.