Weekday Worship Services are on Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 6 pm. If you need to say kaddish on a different day, please contact the office to make arrangements: 617-277-6610.


Tuesday:  6:00 PM
 with Spence Gould

Wednesday:  6:00 PM
 with Denise & Larry Green

Note: There will be no Weekday Worship services on national holidays.

Please join us on Fridays and Saturdays for our regular Shabbat Services.


THE GATES OF PRAYER offers five Services that can be used at Daily Worship Services. Each morning and evening a Leader makes the choice. Each Service contains something to touch every heart. Culling from all of them, here are some of my favorite passages:

The whole Universe proclaims Your glory.— Gates of Prayer

You are most high, most near.— Gates of Prayer

This is the covenant I make with Israel: I will place My Torah in your midst and write it upon your hearts. I will be you God and you will be My people.— Gates of Prayer

When others worshipped gods indifferent to goodness, our mothers and fathers found the One whose law unites all people in justice and love.— Gates of Prayer

When knowledge was the secret lore of princes and priests, our sages opened their doors to all who sought understanding.— Gates of Prayer

In a world where the weak were tormented by oppressors, our Torah taught us to love the poor and the stranger.— Gates of Prayer

Where the sword was sovereign, we were commanded to seek peace and pursue it.— Gates of Prayer

All this now is ours. Ours the teaching, ours the task, to make the heritage live.— Gates of Prayer

Through the power of Your spirit the weak defeated the strong, the few prevailed over the many, and the righteous were triumphant.— Gates of Prayer

Imagine being inspired by passages such as these, not only on Shabbat, but any morning or evening. If your soul is thirsty, come and drink at this spiritual well. You are always welcome.
—Ita N. Wiener, 
—A Daily Worship Leader