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Brotherhood of Temple Ohabei Shaom

A brother helped by a brother is like a fortified city.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Temple Ohabei Shalom

Dear Brothers & Friends,

Some of our members have been involved with our Brotherhood for years and it has enriched our lives and our connection to our Temple. Many of us now know people that we did not know before and just as importantly, they know us. We get to see old friends and meet new ones, and we don't have to impress anyone with our job titles or business success, but at the same time we get to schmooze and network with each other.

We also relate to people that we truly enjoy spending time with. Involvement with our membership, programs, and Tikkun committees further enriches our experience. In addition to an increased connection to our Temple, being in the Brotherhood helps serve the greater good of Temple Ohabei Shalom. Our annual Breakfast with the Brothers is a big hit, and raises funds, most of which we contribute back to Temple Ohabei Shalom and the Ansin Religious School.

Give us a chance this coming year and see if your participation enhances your life as it has ours. Become part of our active Brotherhood and make our programs even better!

If you feel that you do not have the time, please consider contributing to the Ben Adler Memorial Fund, created to sponsor Health & Well-Being Programs in memory of Ben Adler, like the Annual Blood Drive and Health Awareness Programs; or to the Brotherhood's PENN Trust, which has supported the Ansin Religious School by providing scholarships, and co-sponsoring events and projects that benefit the greater Temple Ohabei Shalom community. 

For more information please contact our Membership Chair/VP, Howard Koor, at (617) 257-3868. Or Download the TOS Brotherhood Membership Application now.


Spirit of Brotherhood

by R. Steven Reynolds The poem tells the story.

Now I have a very good friend
He’s my brother but not my kin
Our link is hard to comprehend
We’re friends through thick and thin

How to express these emotions?
We men find it hard to vocalize
It goes against macho notions
Bet that’s not a real big surprise

The term love is not expressed
Often feelings are left unstated
Other cultures their not repressed
But in ours it’s not advocated

To hug a man who’s unrelated
Too often in America is taboo
So feelings are left unarticulated
We find other ways to make-do

So we shake hands and high five
We laugh, joke and share a drink
Closeness from these we derive
But something’s missing, I think

Close friends we unexpectedly lose
Especially later when we get old
Then it’s too late the words to use,
So for now “Consider yourself told".

Ben Adler Health Program 12/2/2020

Thu, December 8 2022 14 Kislev 5783