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ARS - Policies & Procedures

Our whole  Parent Handbook can be found here.

Below you will find the "cliffnotes" version - a quick guide to everything you need to know. 

ARS Director: Amy Deutsch

ARS Youth Engagement and Administration Coordinator: Cassie Samuels

ARS Music Educator: Josh Cohen

ARS Inclusion & Support Coordinator: Joanna Lieberman

Executive Director of Education and Administration:  Shari Churwin

School Office: (617) 739-9200

School Hours

Team Chaverim (Pre-K) - 7 grade: Tuesdays, 3:15-5:45 PM


Arrivals only at the school entrance (located on Marshal Street, closest to the parking lot). A staff member will be posted there on Tuesdays from 3:00 - 3:30pm. A key card will be located in the elevator for students and caregivers to get to their classroom spaces.


•    If you drive to ARS, you will pick up your child from the back door/Marshal St/parking lot exit. 
o    Marshal Street is a one-way street during school hours. Do not turn onto Marshal Street from Beacon. 
o    Parents should make two lines of cars in the parking lot to the school door. 
•    If you walk to ARS--please enter the building through the school entrance on Marshal Street, and exit with your child that way as well. 

Early Dismissal

Parents/caregivers should email teachers and the school office ( or to let us know if a child needs to be dismissed early. 
For your child’s safety, all students must check out and be picked up from the School Office.

Student Attendance

Students are expected to attend as many classes as possible throughout the school year. A single absence represents a significant loss of learning and puts students at risk of falling behind in the curriculum.

The maximum number of ARS absences for the school year is seven class sessions.
Each time a student is absent s/he is required to make up the missed work.
If students leave early and miss tefilah (our weekly prayer service), they can make it up by attending Shabbat services.

Shabbat Attendance

An integral part of the curriculum are our Shabbat experiences. We hold monthly Shabbat B’yachad services. It is expected that ARS students will attend Shabbat B’yachad monthly and also at least the number of Shabbat services equal to their grade (i.e. one additional service for first grade, two for second grade, etc).

Our monthly Shabbat B’yachad services are a chance for families to come together to pray, celebrate, and eat together.

Inclement Weather
•    The Ansin Religious School will always be closed if the Brookline Public schools have closed for a snow day. When the after-school programs close, ARS will also close. 
•    In the case of closure, we will post a closure message on the homepage of our TOS website ( and send an email to all families. 

Health & Allergies

ARS is sensitive to the fact that some of our students have severe food allergies. While we do not promote ourselves as a “Peanut/Nut Free” environment, we take precautions to ensure that all of our students are safe while in the school building. Because of this, all teachers and students are not to bring food into the building that contains peanuts, nuts, or is processed on equipment that comes in contact with peanuts or nuts. 

Snack (always nut-free) is provided by ARS on Tuesday afternoons for students in grades K – 7.  As mentioned above, to protect the health of many of our students, if you send your child to school with food, please be sure that it does not contain nuts. 

All students attending the Ansin Religious School of Temple Ohabei Shalom must have received all up to date immunizations as recommended in the immunization schedules published by the Centers for Disease Control and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Temple Ohabei Shalom’s Core Values and Behavior Expectations

Derech Eretz, The Way to Be at TOS! Derech Eretz, the way of the world, is how we conduct ourselves as individuals and in communities.

Kavod – Respect

We are each made in God's image.   

B’Yachad - Together             

We recognize we are a family, one people, and the importance of being together as a community.

Makom - holy place

Our synagogue, sanctuary, and community is a special and holy place.

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