Welcome to the Ansin Religious School of Temple Ohabei Shalom!

Our students come from many different neighborhoods and backgrounds, learning together as one vibrant and caring community. As innovators, we strive to break the traditional Hebrew school mold allowing our students to feel at home the minute they walk through the door, becoming active participants in their own Jewish journey and forging strong bonds amongst themselves and families. We present a vibrant and complex Jewish experience transforming our students into life-long learners and lovers of Judaism. Students require many different portals into learning and are offered curricula that is ever changing and innovative – accessible yet challenging. Our classroom walls extend into the greater world as capable educators delight in mixing formal and informal educational techniques designed to bring each learner to Torah.

To learn more about Ansin Religious School or to schedule a tour, please email Amy Deutsch through the Contact Us page, email her at ars@ohabei.org, or call (617) 739-9200. Or download the registration information below!











Registration & Important Information

Register now to join us for the Ansin Religious School! Contact Amy Deutsch, ARS Director through the Contact Us page or call (617) 739-9200 for more information.

2016-2017 ARS Registration Forms
2016-17 ARS Registration
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School Hours

ARS Calendar 2016-17

Team Chaverim  –  Tuesday  3:15 – 5:45pm
Grades K to 6  –  Tuesday 3:15 – 5:45pm
Grade 7 -8 Junior Chai  –  Tuesday 6 – 8:00pm.  Dinner followed by class.
High School  – Tuesday 6 -8:00pm. Dinner followed by class.

New Program for 2016-2017: Jewish Holiday Detectives. Class meets Thursday afternoons… click HERE for more information!

What Students Have To Say…

The great thing about the ARS is that I’ve learned about what it really means to be Jewish and why it is so important to my family and me.— Sophia, Grade 7

I like my teachers because they make learning fun and understand that sometimes we are a bit tired from our long (secular) school day.— Eliza, Grade 4

I like all of the special events, especially the shul-ins and field trips.— Alex, Grade 5

I really like the high school faculty because they treat us like people, not kids.— Mariah, Grade 9

Our Curriculum:  Three Pillars of Jewish Life

Torah, Avodah (prayer) and G’milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). These are the three pillars upon which the totality of Jewish tradition is based – learning through stories, heritage, values and ethics. Avodah is the heart of Jewish life, connecting us to God and community. Prayer is the cornerstone of our daily lives as Jews. G’milut Chasadim is the actualization of Jewish values – the way we interact with the world and those around us. These values guide us to be better, do better, live better, and to influence those around us to do the same.

From ages five to eighteen, we help our students see life through a Jewish lens. This vision is attained through the efforts of our strong and devoted faculty and our entire congregation.  Lifelong learning is a central value at Temple Ohabei Shalom.

We strive to offer individualized learning plans and accommodations for students with special needs in all of our education programs—Jewish studies, Hebrew, and bar/bat mitzvah instruction. Please contact Amy Deutsch, Director of the Ansin Religious School, through the Contact Us page or call (617) 739-9200, to discuss these options.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Study

Temple Ohabei Shalom has called young Jews to the bimah for 170 years. Working with our capable teachers, Cantor Schloss and Rabbi Sonia Saltzman will spend a thoughtful year preparing your child for this most precious of occasions.  Our historic Sanctuary as backdrop adds just the right amount of tradition to innovative and inspiring B’nei Mitzvah services.  With full caterer’s kitchens and banquet halls, our Facilities staff are ready to help you plan your family’s special day. Learn more about B’nei mitzvah planning.

Grades 8 & 9 – High School

Our high school students study and explore traditional texts, history, Israel, philosophy, literature, Hebrew and the arts through our curriculum.  We seek to engage with our students on a new and higher lever as they gain a genuine love of Jewish learning from our wonderful High school staff.

Grade 10 – Confirmation

A year of exploration and reflection taught by Rabbi Sonia and Cantor Schloss.

telem-logoGrade 11 & 12 – TELEM 

TELEM is a major initiative to promote social justice among Jewish youth in the Greater Boston area. TELEM integrates community service with learning, reflection, and opportunities to effect real change. The goal of this service initiative is to make participation in meaningful community service and Jewish service learning a transformational rite of passage for Jewish youth in Boston. Ultimately, we hope that this experience fosters a lifelong understanding of the importance of volunteerism and activism. Along with community service, participants learn about Jewish values and social justice issues. Ohabei Shalom partners with the Dorchester Boys and Girls club where our teens participate in weekly literacy training and tutoring.

Youth Group

Youth group membership is automatic when you are enrolled in the Ansin Religious School and we encourage all students to participate in our innovative shul-ins, mitzvah projects and other youth opportunities.

Mahkelah Choir (Youth Choir) – Tuesday, 3pm

Students who love to sing are encouraged to join in the fun. Led by Cantor Schloss, Mahkelah performs several times a year at services, congregational events and in the community. Mahkelah is open to all children Grades 1 through High School.

Rosh HodeshRosh Hodesh: It’s A Girl Thing!

In our culture, maintaining self-esteem and developing a positive Jewish identity are critical challenges for girls. Empowering them through Jewish identity, self esteem, and leadership is Rosh Hodesh, a monthly group for girls in grades 5/6, 7, 8, 9/10 and 11.  To register complete our Brochure and Registration form. Small groups of girls meet monthly with a carefully adult leader trained in a well designed curriculum. Through discussion, arts and crafts and drama, the girls integrate core Jewish values as they focus on the things they care about most; body image, friendship, relationships, competition, stress, and family.

Rosh Hodesh is a program of Moving Traditions, which envisions a dynamic and welcoming Judaism that incorporates new gender roles and understandings. Moving Traditions was founded in the belief that women and men are full and equal participants in Judaism.

Technology at Ansin Religious School

Imagine a nurturing and dynamic center of living Judaism, with multiple opportunities for authentic Jewish study, practice and observance. We continually find new and creative ways to implement and utilize technology in our classrooms and community. Through a generous grant from a private donor facilitated by Combined Jewish Philanthropies, our teachers have received training to explore and embrace the possibilities of modern technology in the Jewish religious school classroom.  This technology helps forge connections between our members, making our synagogue a hub for family engagement, providing multiple opportunities to keep parents in touch with their children’s classroom activities and curriculum.  Students become the “producers” of their own personalized education.

Technology @ ARS

EdTech @ ARS

At the Ansin Religious School, we use technology to meet students where they are–surrounded by technology all the time, and using it nearly as much. Building upon state-standards of technology fluency, and building skills in a Jewish context, students are using educational technology to enrich their vibrant ARS studies, and to explore further into their interests, and relate more fully to the school’s content. Below are the projects from the 5773 academic year of the ARS.

Shabbat Club

The Shabbat Club at ARS performed plays about different Jewish holidays throughout the year. This is their play about Tu B’Shvat!


Using VoiceThread, students created art about their favorite holidays, and recorded their descriptions.

2nd Grade

The 2nd Grade used mnemonics to learn the Alpeh-Bet! They teach those mnemonics in this video.

3rd Grade

The ARS Hebrew curriculum builds year upon year. The 3rd Grade studied Hebrew rhymes.

4th Grade

Students in the 4th Grade created animations in the style of Common Craft to illustrate (or retell) their favorite midrashim.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

5th Grade

After studying Ted Talks all year, students in the 5th Grade made their own Ted Talks about Jewish life.
Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

6th Grade

It’s ARS tradition to perform the 6th Grade Song each year at Teacher Appreciation Shabbat. The 6th Grade class created this music video to the song!

7th Grade

7th Grade, the B’nai Telem year, studies different themes of social justice. Students created PSA videos to teach the concepts.