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ARS—Religious School

Welcome to the Ansin Religious School of Temple Ohabei Shalom!

Our students come from many different neighborhoods and backgrounds, learning together as one vibrant and caring community. As innovators, we strive to break the traditional Hebrew school mold allowing our students to feel at home the minute they walk through the door, becoming active participants in their own Jewish journey and forging strong bonds amongst themselves and families. We present a vibrant and complex Jewish experience transforming our students into life-long learners and lovers of Judaism. Students require many different portals into learning and are offered curricula that is ever changing and innovative - accessible yet challenging. Our classroom walls extend into the greater world as capable educators delight in mixing formal and informal educational techniques designed to bring each learner to Torah. To learn more about Ansin Religious School or to schedule a tour, please email Amy Deutsch or call (617) 739-9200.

To get a sense of our incredible programs, check out this year-end slideshow created by Music Educator Josh Cohen! (Our slideshow from 18-19 can be found here.)

Registration & Important Information

If you have questions about ARS, please contact Amy Deutsch or call (617) 739-9200. 

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now officially LIVE! If you have any issues, please email Amy Deutsch

The calendar for the 2020-2021 year can be found here.

Back to School Night 2020: the pdf slide deck is here.

ARS Tracks 2020-2021

We are offering two parallel tracks for learning this year – one fully remote, and one fully in-person. The curriculum will be the same in both tracks – we are using a curriculum that was specifically designed for this moment in time, which weaves together Jewish values, holidays, and the reality of life in a pandemic. We may have multi-age groupings to balance classes in both tracks.

In this year where coronavirus is forcing everyone to make uncomfortable decisions, we at TOS are trying to be what we’ve always been – that flexible place where everyone is comfortable, valued, and safe. Offering two different tracks supports our teachers and our students with a variety of flexible options to keep everyone learning, flexible, and happy. When Amy talked to families this summer, it was clear that there was a huge range of needs and this system will be the best thing we can do to meet those needs.


Track 1: ARS@Home

Students will have two zoom classes on Tuesday afternoons between 3:30 - 5:00 pm. One class will be their Hebrew curriculum, and one will be their Judaica curriculum. At 5:30, they will join with students from the ARS@TOS track for our weekly tefilah (prayer) service over Zoom.

The first week of this class session will be an (optional) in person, fully masked, outdoor opportunity to say hello to teachers on Tuesday, September 22. The schedule will be sent to families via email. Everyone will join together at 5:30 from home for Zoom tefilah. The ARS@Home remote Zoom option will officially begin on Tuesday 9/29.


Track 2: ARS@TOS

Classes will run from 3:30 – 5:00. There are some very specific and important protocols that we need to follow to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible - please read on.

  1. Every Tuesday, a parent/guardian will need to fill out this attestation form for their child. It is due by noon. If we do not receive it, we cannot allow the child in to the building. 
  2. Everyone must wear a mask at all times while indoors; they must also sanitize their hands upon entry to the building.
  3. There will only be one ARS entry door – it is the door on Marshal Street (closest to Beacon Street) that actually has a sign over it that says Ansin Religious School.
  4. Please feed your child a snack before they arrive at ARS. We will not be serving snack, nor do we want children to be eating throughout the day. But please do send your child with a filled water bottle.
  5. We cannot allow entry to the building before 3:15 pm. Students will be allowed in at 3:15, and they should come with a book so that they can look at their book/read in advance of class beginning at 3:30.
  6. Parents are not allowed into the building except in cases of emergency. If you need to reach us throughout the day, please call the ARS line: 617-739-9200.


In order to minimize crowding, we will also do a staggered end-of-day pickup. Grades K-2 will be picked up at 4:50, grades 3 & 4 will be picked up at 4:55, and grades 5 & 6 will be picked up at 5:00 pm. All pickups will happen at our ARS door (again, on Marshal Street, closest to Beacon Street).

Please note that if state and local officials deem it necessary to close down all in-person programs, like they did in March 2020, we will shift this program to remote learning.

Students will get home in time for ARS Tefilah at 5:30, remotely over Zoom.

The first week of this option will take place on Tuesday September 29.


Register for 2020-2021 now! Registration closes on Friday, September 4th!

ARS Policies and Procedures can be found here, and our Parent Handbook can be found here. Click here for information about ARS tuition and costs.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

In the years preceding your child's bar or bat mitzvah, families participate in The B'nei Mitzvah Experience, an innovative family program that prepares the whole family for this momentous occasion. Our historic sanctuary as a backdrop adds just the right amount of tradition to innovative and inspiring B'nei Mitzvah services. With full caterer's kitchens and banquet halls, our Event Coordinator is ready to help you plan your family's special day.

TOS Teens : Our High School Program

In grades 8-12, we have a variety of different offerings through our TOS Teens program, prioritizing relationships first, building a joyful, caring and meaningful community of learning and growth. We are also planning to collaborate with Moving Traditions and The Tent at Temple Israel. Please click here to register for our TOS Teens program. 

What Students Have To Say...

"The great thing about the ARS is that I've learned about what it really means to be Jewish and why it is so important to my family and me." - Sophia, Grade 7

"I like my teachers because they make learning fun and understand that sometimes we are a bit tired from our long (secular) school day." - Eliza, grade 4

"I like all of the special events, especially the shul-ins and field trips." - Alex, Grade 5


Our Curriculum: Kehillah Kedosha (Holy Community) 

What does it mean to be a holy community?

When we come together—whether it’s to pray, to learn, to teach, to have fun, or just to be—there is something more in the air. You might call it magic, but we call it kedusha: holiness. We are a kehillah kedosha, a holy community. We welcome new friends, we help others find their own way on their personal Jewish journeys, and we elevate our individuality in the bonds of community. ARS, when it’s working right, is filled with the magic, the secret sauce, the awe-inspiring feeling of kehillah kedoshah.

This value guides us to be better, do better, live better, and to influence those around us to do the same. From ages five to eighteen, we help our students see life through a Jewish lens. This vision is attained through the efforts of our strong and devoted faculty and our entire congregation. Lifelong learning is a central value at Temple Ohabei Shalom. We strive to offer individualized learning plans and accommodations for students with special needs in all of our education programs—Jewish studies, Hebrew, and bar/bat mitzvah instruction. Please contact Amy Deutsch, Director of the Ansin Religious School, or call (617) 739-9200 to discuss these options.

Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyar 5781