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A challenge to Reform Jews by Rabbi Saltzman

by Naomi Fisher

Many of us are fond of singing a catchy melody to these words from Pirkei Avot: al shlosha d’varim……. ha’olam omaid: al ha’torah, v’al ha’avodah, v’al g’milut chasadim. This phrase, coined by the sages, tells us that the world stands on three things: on torah (study), on prayer and on loving deeds. At the Biennial […]

Sacred Discontent

by Naomi Gurt Lind

Earlier this year, after a prolonged application process, Lauren Feldman (Membership Chair on the TOS Board) and I were selected by the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) to participate in a Community of Practice around small-group engagement. We were hoping to build on the successes of Shalom @ Home and find more ways to create islands […]

Mitzvah inspires mitzvah

by Naomi Gurt Lind

Sunday’s Mitzvah Day was amazing! Thanks to the hard work of Co-chairs Susan Zeiger and Laurel Sgan, as well as Project Captains and a slew of volunteers, the TOS team created 43 pies for elderly shut-ins, 14 fleece blankets for children in the foster system, 60 birthday bags for homeless women, 18 toys and roughly a […]

Ellen Mosner–Mitzvah Day Project leader

by Naomi Fisher

Just imagine living in a shelter thinking no one will care about your birthday coming up. Then when you least expect it they make you a party and give you a gift bag clearly made with love. Every year on Mitzvah Day, the TOS Sisterhood sponsors the very special activity of preparing Birthday Bags for […]

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