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Running Home to Ohabei Shalom

by Molly Coller

We are so proud to have had three participants from our congregation run and make it to the finish line in the Boston Marathon on April 21st! Our TOS community came out to cheer them on as they passed our home under the dome at Mile 24. Congratulations to Cantor Schloss, Danny Venezia and Paul […]

TOS Talks Book Club: Join the Conversation!

by Rabbi Sonia Saltzman

Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together, offers us many first-hand accounts that speak to the impact of the digital age on society.  She writes about how sociable robots provide people who are alone with a sense of being connected and how the internet allows us to be increasingly connected to each other but that oddly, […]

A laying-on of hearts

by Naomi Gurt Lind

“Jews don’t pray for, Jews pray with.” Those seven words from Rabbi Harold Kushner’s talk last night continue to resonate in my mind as a beautiful and eloquent way of regarding Jewish prayer. Although our prayer tradition contains abundant ritual and variety, it sometimes seems to me that it’s the act of reciting prayers together […]

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